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      Developing An Effective Encouragement Ministry Through Applied Grace

                     An equipping program to effectively minister to wounded individuals.

                                         Learning the language of woundedness.

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How to effectively come alongside wounded individuals and reach them for help, healing and Christ

Barnabas Ministry is an independent, interdenominational, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted people-helping, educational and discipleship mission that encourages, educates, trains, coaches, counsels, consults and equips individuals, relationships, churches and businesses. As the name implies, it is designed to equip others (leaders, managers, peers, friends, family or church members) to come alongside people experiencing a variety of personal, relational, business and professional needs in a manner that is effective and caring.  

Barnabas through the Church is an intensive and extensive training program to equip encouragers and lay counseling for the work of the church and the needs of its people. It also teaches how to reach people who are wounded and needy - or who are experiencing wounding life circumstances - and how to minister effectively to and through the local church community at the primary relational level of its people.  It can be conducted through the physical church via formal church property and outreach or via the local neighborhood and/or workplace members of the church body.

Suppose you wanted to reach someone but could not speak their language? Wounded individuals speak and hear their own language. Barnabas Ministry is the translation vehicle and key to reaching a sea of wounded people.

What is a “wounded individual?”

The term is respectfully submitted for all those persons who are silently struggling with life due to varieties of (realized and un-realized) psychological, relational, emotional and/or mental problems (e.g., depression, anxiety etc.); who grew up in dysfunctional situations (e.g., varieties of dysfunctional families); who were harmed mentally, relationally, spiritually and/or physically by others; who self-destructed (e.g., substance abuse);  who may be experiencing a difficult time of life or life circumstances (e.g., loss of a loved one); OR some combination of two or more of these areas working in a complex, interactive manner.

These wounded people are often overlooked and traditional ministry efforts alone may miss the mark of engaging them. They are usually misunderstood and many times do not understand themselves. They are silently reaching out with wounded and fearful hearts that too often go un-noticed.  Christ sees them and loves them and wants to use His people as healing agents in their lives. Won’t you come along?

Pastor to Pastor

Dear Pastor,

I wanted to share a resource to help you do some of the most difficult and most necessary work we pastors face— helping the hurting people in our churches.

I have personally benefitted from the practical materials developed by Dr. Zaepfel for Barnabas Ministry. The new website gives you access to insights and approaches Dr. Zaepfel has developed over a lifetime of work in his counseling practice and a lifetime of service to the local church as an elder.

I encourage you to delve deeply into the resources on the site and seriously consider offering Barnabas Ministry training in your local setting.

For the King,
Pastor William J Powis II

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(try a taste and overview







The name "Barnabas" comes from the person in the Bible who was widely known and respected as an encourager.  Among many others, Barnabas came alongside the apostle, Paul, when he was discouraged and was used by God to help Paul gain acceptance among the other apostles and followers of Christ.

In the same way our goal is to train Christ's people to come alongside weary or wounded individuals and encourage them while helping them to move forward in overcoming obstacles thereby reaching their goals.

The training consists of twelve chapters each of Parts 1 & 2 of : Barnabas Ministry - Developing An Effective Encouragement Ministry Through Applied Grace by Dr. Glenn Zaepfel (HE WINS, SHE WINS) and Mrs. Linda Zaepfel. Dr. and Mrs. Zaepfel work together in a private Christian counseling practice. He (Glenn P. Zaepfel, Ph.D.) is a psychologist and author, and she (Linda C. Zaepfel, APRN, BC, LISW-CP) is a licensed clinical social worker and psychiatric adult nurse practitioner.

COST: NONE - this is a gift to God dedicated to His glory. The only costs that may apply are those associated with the personal use and time of the party/parties implementing the training. The training consists of a Teacher's Guide and Parts 1 & 2 of the study material. It may be used individually or (preferably) in small group settings through the church, in the neighborhood, or at the workplace. ALL course materials are downloadable right here from this site.


                        Barnabas Ministry is...



an in-depth discipleship ministry of



Participants are

 equipped to encourage, counsel, understand,

and speak a new language of woundedness

which reaches today’s culture within and

without the church.


The church is filled with wounded people

or people experiencing wounding

circumstances whose receptivity to Christ,

His will, and His peoples’ care, Body life, and

encouragement is blocked by those very

wounds - usually without their understanding.


                   The hope of this ministry is to                      

                          awaken and illumine a call to a                       

                      dynamic ministry of encouragement:

                      individuals ministering to individuals

                           (within and without the church)

           with biblical directives and spiritual and

            psychological accouterments to assist in

         reaching and impacting a numbed,

         dysfunctional, and hurting Christian culture

         and a dying, sin-stained world.



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Part One

Part Two




Reaching the Wounded for Christ
Learning the Languange of Woundedness

Chapters 1-3

Chapters 4-6

Chapters 7-9

Chapters 10-12




Overcoming Psychological Blind Spots to Godliness and Horizontal Ministry

Chapters 13-15

Chapters 16-18

Chapters 19-21

Chapters 22-24